Anthropomorfic Robot

The anthropomorphic palletizing robots ROBYSTAR series that proSystem includes in its projects are of the latest generation with advanced technology. We supply ABB, FANUC, KUKA anthropomorphs according to customer preferences and performance requirements of the project for one or more production lines. ProSystem integrates and customizes the robots with pick-up heads designed ad-hoc according to the product (boxes, bags, cans, jerrycans...), integrating it with the various pallet gripping devices, barcode reading scanner and input-output roller conveyor and pallet.

ROBYSTAR serie meets production needs that require high performance with the ability to be networked with business databases.


Anthropomorfic Robot

  • Anthropomorphic robots of various brands (ABB, FANUC, KUKA)
  • Product grippers
  • Product transport
  • Pallet station
  • Industrial PC
  • Electric control board robot
  • Electric control board proSystem
  • Safety protection according to EC standards

  • Interlayer with its stocking
  • Pallet with its stocking
  • Product conveyors
  • Conveyor waste product
  • Empty pallet conveyors
  • Full pallet conveyors
  • Product bar-code scanner
  • Applicator labels on boxes
  • Label applicator on pallet


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