PAL-BOX serie, automatic mechanical hand, was born thanks for the GDO needs. ProSystem has designed, built and installed lot of automatic mechanical hands to fill in the trays of cartonbox complete layers of products. The mechanical hands mod. PAL-BOX is able to manage automatically the pallet conveyors and the interlayer and pallet stocking. PAL-BOX serie is suitable for medium, high speed of production line.

The manipulator, MAN-AS serie, are created to help the operator in the palletizing phase. The operator manages directly the pick-up head, according the products (boxes, cans, sacks, metallic cans) and their characteristics, taking a complete layer of product filling them inside a tray or cartonbox on the pallet. The manipulator are suitable for low speed of production line.

All ProSystem machineries are designed respecting:

  • Ergonomic design
  • High visibility of the process
  • Simple and quick changeover
  • Low maintenance
  • Optimization of the space


Serie MAN-AS


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