Casing Machines - Mega

ProSystem casing machine MEGA series is completely automatic and can handle, with dedicated pick-up heads, any type of containers: plastic, glass bottles, metal, cans, cases, jards, packages, bags, trays…

By different conceptions (mechanic or electric), the product are selectioned automatically and filled in cases already erected by the case erector machinery (FOR serie). Once, the cases are full they will seal top and bottom with adhesive-tape (NS serie) or hot-melt glue (HM serie).

MEGA serie is able to satisfy the casing needs of different production capacity (high, medium, low speed). It is simple in its functions and not require high maintenance.

MEGA Series

Casing machines for cylindrical containers, irregular bottles…

  • Monoblock framework
  • Type of pick-up heads: pneumatic/mechanic/magnetic/vacuum and tailor-made
  • Mechanical or electric system
  • Product infeed conveyor
  • Product infeed system (in line or divider system)
  • Case entry-exit conveyor
  • Touch screen
  • Electrical control panel
  • Safety guards according to CE laws in polycarbonate material

  • Formats
  • Rotator device 0-90° 0-180°
  • Product infeed conveyor
  • Product conveyors
  • Cases conveyors
  • Remote service


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